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With grave prices skyrocketing in our area, cremation is becoming the favored choice.  We offer cremation with or without viewing/ funeral services.  Cremation with no viewing/funeral service costs starts at $1150. 


Cremation with a viewing/ funeral starts at $3400.

At Ms. Jones Funeral Services, burial services begin at about $4,000 plus the casket and grave prices. That estimate can less or more depending on what you desire. We have caskets that range in price from $900 to $25,000. Cemeteries range in cost from $1000 to $15,000 depending on location and or reputation.   

Out Of Town Arrangement

Do you need to arrange transportation of your deceased loved one to or from New York?  We handle both domestic and international travel arrangements for your beloved .  We have trusted colleagues around the United States and experience with many consulates worldwide, including the West Indies and Africa.

Other Ways To Celebrate A Life

Do you want to have a different and non traditional type of memorial service for your loved one?  A service that provides a true testimony of your loved one life? Please call and discuss with us what is on your mind.  We will try our best to make that a reality!  

Pre Arranging A Funeral

We all have an appointment that we have no choice but to keep.  Plan so that your loved ones you leave behind will know what to do and to expect.  Leaving detailed instructions and finances at the funeral home does not speed up the date that you will have to go on.  But it will make it much easier for your family to cope when you must leave here. For more information, click here

Are we taking care of someone you know and you wish to show love from afar? Please visit our Show Love Page!  There you can purchase flowers and/ or leave a donation that will go towards the funeral bill.

Show Love
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